SXSW Interactive 2016

Leveraging A Moment: Brand, Product, Publisher

A lot can happen in a moment. You can lock eyes with someone for the first time, jump out of a plane, or just change the channel on your television. In this discussion we’ll talk about the moments that matter to people, brands, products, and publishers.

We’ll look into how brands create and join conversations, how a product can be designed around a moment in time, and the kinds of things publishers are looking for when they write a new story.

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  1. Am I talking to myself, or will people really care about what I’m creating?
  2. What does relevance look like on the internet? Today?
  3. Is anything really spontaneous?


  • Rye Clifton, Experience Director, GSD&M
  • Fay Sliger, Communications Director, VOX Media
  • Aaron Perrino, Director of Brand Planning, Amp Agency


Melanie Mahaffey, VP/Communications, GSD&M

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