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SXSW Interactive 2016

TV is the new TV and Other Crackpot Theories

If “TV the new TV” and third party platforms are inhaling the hard work of original content creators to create unbalanced business models and CPMs are on a decline, then how has 2015 shaped up into the most rewarding year for digital media companies across all the most important success metrics: audience reach, profits, investments, media buzz, and digital usage overall which has continually eclipsed broadcast and other traditional mediums since 2013?

We'll hear from both sides of the debate. Michael Wolff, if you are reading this you are invited to join!

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  1. Michael Wolff's new book 'TV is the new TV...' poses a theory that digital evangelists might call "anachronistic". What does he get right and wrong?
  2. If you look at the numbers, digital usage is eclipsing traditional, and growing, but the budgets are lagging way behind. How do we speed things up?
  3. There have been many dystopian theories on the relationship btwn publishers, content, and platforms. This trend isn't going away. Where is it going?


  • Jonathan Hunt, VP, Global Marketing, Vox Media
  • John Herrman, Media Reporter, The Awl
  • Lindsey Pearl, Director, Digital and Social Marketing, HBO


Jonathan Hunt, VP, Global Marketing, Vox Media Inc

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