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Unschool Your Creativity: A Maker Mentality

Is there a way to immunize educators from the pressures of high stakes assessment and increased accountability? Yes! Makerspaces provide the perfect incubator for current and future educators to develop immunity to these pressures and nurture their confidence, increase their risk-taking, and help them foster new learning ecologies for their students that activate engagement and inspire learning. Join us and experience our simple theory of change. Come, be a maker and liberate your creativity.

Learning Objectives

  1. No more “deer in the headlights” stress about facilitating maker activities for students; with this experience, these tensions give way to confidence.
  2. Through hands-on maker activities, educators will experience the relationship between divergent thinking, creativity, and increased learning outcomes.
  3. Educators will learn that constructivist maker experiences are not an add-on and can be aligned to their curriculum and support common core standards.



Sue Cusack, Asst Professor & Co-Project Leader Kennedy-Longfellow, Lesley University

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