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SXSW Interactive 2016

How Technology is Encouraging Sustainable Business

As a growing number of people enter the middle-class around the world, consumerism is on the rise, with a take-and-waste culture and constant technology consumption becoming the global norm. But how can technology offset mass consumer culture and minimize our impact on the environment? Many businesses have already started harnessing the power of innovative technology to create sustainable consumer products, recycle old products into new ones and turn trash into tools. These companies recognize not only the environmental impact of their actions, but also the business implications as a growing number of conscious customers expect brands to be responsible corporate citizens.

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  1. Why do each of these leaders care about sustainability from a business standpoint?
  2. What are the keys challenges they have faced or face going forward while staying true to this promise of sustainability?
  3. What advice can they give to a company moving towards a sustainable mindset?


  • Adrian Grenier, Actor and Entrepreneur, SHFT
  • Trisa Thompson , VP of Corporate Responsibility & Talent and Capabilities , Dell
  • Brian Tolkin, Product Manager, Uber


Sarah Moffitt, Account Exec, PPR Worldwide

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