SXSW Interactive 2013

mHealth: Take Two Apps & Call Me In The Morning


The future of medicine is in your pocket. Show up for an hour and find out just how big this mHealth revolution is going to be!

We'll talk about apps that transform heart beats into music, turn boring breathing exercises into exciting games, and help you meditate like a Tibetan monk.

We'll dig into the Quantified Self and "gamification" (think FitBit, Nike Fuel, and MyBasis). There will be discussions about how mobile tech is revolutionizing our approach to diseases like diabetes. And we'll try to understand how rapid mobile adoption could help the third world make great strides in public health.

The panel will feature startup CEOs like Nadeem Kassam (Basis), influential investors like Daniel Kraft (Singularity University), and leaders in third world innovation like Priya Agrawal (Merck for Mothers).

We'll also find out what mHealth means for you now - how can you change your approach to taking care of your family's health more easily today?

To your mHealth!

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  1. What kinds of innovation will we see in mobile health over the next 12 months?
  2. How will mHealth have an impact on the overall healthcare system in our country and the third world?
  3. What are a few simple ways mHealth can help you improve how you look, feel, and perform today?
  4. Do health games actually work?
  5. Do people care enough about health to use the plethora of mobile applications that are being developed?



Sandeep Sood, CEO, Monsoon Company

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  • Track: Health and Medicine
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