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SXSWedu 2016

School Projects with Arduino Brains

Learn how STEAMLabs has brought high tech maker education into the classroom by having students design a museum exhibit to teach about the power system. The students used 21st century skills to create a project combining Arduino coding on a Particle board, 3D printing, web design and electronics.

The model downloads live xml power production data and visualizes the mix from the different sources over time with a 3D-printed LED display. A web interface allows the visitor to update the LEDs to view how the mix changes over time.

By building this model and using it to teach adults and kids about the power system, the kids truly became confident experts on this topic.

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  1. See how the standard curriculum can be taught with 21st century methods of creativity, innovation, self-directed and project-based learning.
  2. Learn how to integrate maker technologies such as robotics, 3D printing and electronics into the classroom.
  3. Get tips on finding the tech experts you need to assist you in the classroom.



Andy Forest, Chief Instigator, STEAMLabs

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