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SXSW Interactive 2016

Social Twerkshop: Knowing What’s Trending Next

Knowing what’s about to trend in social is a matter of constant studying, understanding the psychology of clicks, and tracking metrics religiously. Furthermore, users must know which sites are worth trending on, and which sites are up-and-comers. In this session, Julie and Michael will dissect social trends for patterns and explain how to predict the next plank, twerk, Charlie Bit My Finger, or celeb who is going to “break the Internet.”

Julie and Michael will examine recent trends (TBD leading up to March) to explain why certain campaigns reached the social hall of fame, and why others couldn’t break free of paid traction.

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  1. Why do certain campaigns, content, and ideas catch on while others that seem better never catch traction?
  2. How can you predict social trends within a reasonable degree of doubt? What is that reasonable degree of doubt?
  3. How can you quickly create high-quality content ahead of a trend so that you’re ready when the trend becomes viral?



Julie Ewald, CEO & Creative Dir, Impressa Solutions

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