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AI and the Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence is having real business impact, with applications ranging from detecting trends in data to optimize enterprise performance, enhancing customer service through virtual personal assistants, and analyzing millions of documents across a company’s servers to find compliance failures.

As these systems take a more central role in the business world, every modern enterprise will need an AI strategy. What c systems can AI access? Should you build a stack of AI systems in-house or outsource components to a vendor? Are we optimized for the latest intelligent virtual assistants?

This panel looks at the future of business AI, and the challenges and opportunities at hand.

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  1. How is AI currently being deployed across the enterprise?
  2. What are the benefits and drawbacks to various strategies for AI development and deployment across businesses?
  3. What advancements are being made in enterprise-grade AI and what challenges are most pressing?



Doug Freeman, Jones-Dilworth Inc

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