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Is Access to Performance Data Good for Students?


Student data and privacy is a sensitive subject in education. But many educators and students are realizing the value in extending performance and classroom data access to students. Moderated by Inside Higher Ed's Paul Fain, this session will explore the benefits of extending access to performance data to students.

We know learning analytics can positively impact teaching and learning, but until now, this information has been put only in the hands of educators. New tools provide students with real-time access to their own learning analytics. But is this beneficial? Some say it’s empowering, but others argue it will open Pandora’s box by demotivating students and lowering confidence.

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  1. Understand how to balance student privacy and data access, while improving learning outcomes
  2. Model the ideal industry-wide standards around how student data is managed and shared, and how to approach data literacy before extending access
  3. Determine how to present data in ways that respect learners of all levels and keep confidence high



Emily Johnson, Communications, Ogilvy PR/McGraw-Hill Education

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