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SXSW Interactive 2016

How to Fuck Up a Branded Content Deal

A publisher, an agency, a production company, and a brand walk into a bar. The punch line? It’s your job to make a deal. Nelson and Lieberman host a refreshingly candid discussion on the successful branded content deals they’ve made, the big mistakes that happened behind the scenes, and the major project that brought them together. [Project launching late 2015; Note: video links to come.] These experts have navigated the uncharted world of branded content—managing competing parties, encouraging creative collaboration and working with legal departments—and now share with SXSW what NOT to do.

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  1. When creating branded content, how do you juggle the production company, creative agency, and publisher?
  2. What are three things you can do to salvage a deal that’s taken a bad turn?
  3. When all parties service the client with kid gloves, who steps up to take them off?


  • Lindsay Nelson, Global Head of Brand Strategy for Vox Media, Vox Media
  • Marc Lieberman, SVP, Business Development at Above Average, Above Average


Andrea Rogoff, Mktg & Comms Mgr, Vox Media Inc

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