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SXSW Interactive 2016

Always Be Curating: Creative Brands Making Culture

In response to the chaos of the Internet, curation has emerged as an essential practice that brands can use to elevate their voice, establish relevance, and make an impact. As brand-employed curators seek to substantiate themselves in light of the role’s appropriation from the art world, creative projects that blur the lines between marketing and cultural production are proliferating. This panel will explore a diverse array of case studies from established and experimental curatorial endeavors at Etsy, Flipboard, Kickstarter, and Tumblr. Speakers from these platforms will present case studies to highlight emerging opportunities and key trends that all brands would be wise to learn about.

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  1. What are the proven tactics for using curation as a tool for elevating and amplifying a brand, and where does community fit into the picture?
  2. Where and when can algorithms and popularity-driven metrics augment the voice of an expert curator?
  3. How can brands partner with artists, creatives, and institutions in authentic and culturally impactful ways?


  • Kate Carmody, Project and Production Manager, Global Brand Design , Etsy
  • Mia Quagliarello, Head of Curation, Flipboard
  • Willa Koerner, Director of Curation and Social, Kickstarter
  • Annie Werner, Editor, Tumblr


Willa Koerner, Dir of Curation & Social, Kickstarter

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