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SXSWedu 2016

Solving for Why: The Future of Edtech

In “Start with Why,” Simon Sinek argues that we often focus on the wrong things, on WHAT and HOW instead of WHY. In the current edtech environment, getting to the why of learning is more imperative than ever. Prominent innovations have thus far focused on what (content) and are developing how (learning methodologies), but to truly transform education and achieve meaningful learning, we must first return to the essential question of why.

In this talk, Cerego founder Andrew Smith Lewis explores present and future visions of edtech, addressing the why behind the future of learning and strategies to foster student motivation through better data, assessment, guidance, access, and technology.

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  1. What methodological approaches can we develop to understand the "why" behind our education technologies and their future.
  2. How can we think about and design technology experiences that inspire learners and achieve compelling engagement?
  3. How can technology empower and inspire learners, and address the crises of the contemporary education environment?


  • Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder, Cerego


Doug Freeman, PR, Jones-Dilworth Inc

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