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SXSW Interactive 2016

50 Shades of Green: Diversity in the Environmental

Against a backdrop of more extreme weather, divisive politics, and clean energy battles, the green sector - much like the tech industry - has been called on to be transparent about their diversity data and make large-scale commitments to change. It's no secret that environmental issues hit low-income communities and people of color harder than others. This panel will bring together leaders of these mainstream organizations as well as diverse pioneers to discuss specific and innovative ways that the green sector can better represent the communities it serves.

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  1. How has new technology and social media empowered communities of color to break down stereotypes and inspire connections and leadership in nature?
  2. The majority of professionals of color are in lower positions. Why are they not moving up? What can be done on retention?
  3. What parallels can the tech sector draw from these efforts to diversify the environmental movement?



Rob Avruch, Assoc, Green Diversity Initiative

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