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How Your Data Can And Will Transform The World

Maps are among the most influential, ubiquitous technologies used by society today. We’re in a race across many domains, forcing contenders to expand into new territories with mapping technology and data. While the idea of a map is as old as history itself, the dominance of maps as a technology has accelerated only in the past few decades. This raises critical questions about where the future of mapping technology will take us and what will be possible with geospatial data. In this session, we will talk about what that future looks like, and the impact mapping technology will have on everything from cars to classrooms.

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  1. How can mapping technology be used beyond simple geographic directions?
  2. In what ways have maps emerged as a prominent technology?
  3. What is possible with geospatial data?


  • Andrew Hill, Chief Science Officer, CartoDB


Brittany Stone, SAE, Moxie Group Communications

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