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SXSW Interactive 2016

Art for All: A Look at The Art Assignment

Hear from Sarah Urist Green, creator and curator of The Art Assignment (#theartassignment). The PBS Digital Studios series, which Sarah co-hosts with her husband, author/vlogger John Green, highlights emerging and established artists working across the United States, with each artist devising an assignment that serves as an open call for art makers across the globe. Celebrating risk-taking in the creative process, the series introduces alternative approaches to art-making and the most innovative minds in art today. Harnessing the meme-loving, community-building power of the internet, The Art Assignment brings new audiences to contemporary art and contemporary artists to new audiences.

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  1. How can digital and social platforms be leveraged to bring art to everyone?
  2. How can the internet serve as a platform for artists to create and engage with audiences?
  3. How can content creators create communities of interest around particular subjects?



Jennifer Byrne, Sr Dir of Media Relations, PBS

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