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Podcasts Powered by Women – NextGEN Leadership


The voice of female leadership is rapidly rising in the male-dominated world of podcasts. This session will inspire you with stories about the women who are creating gender balance in this decade-old space and growing the audience as a result. We will discuss why showcasing content by women is a lucrative business strategy for networks. You will gain valuable insight from the talent, product development and advertising business perspectives, as to why diversity in this space is important for our industry’s brand marketers. Women are notorious game changers, and female leaders are changing the podcast game by delivering cutting-edge content and sound business advice to your key consumers.

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  1. In what has been a male-dominated world, how are female hosts changing the game and closing the gender gap?
  2. How has the success of Serial shifted programming development interest into producing more podcasts hosted by women?
  3. How are advertisers responding to the increase of female hosted podcasts?



Rena Unger, Dir Industry Initiatives, IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau

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