SXSW Interactive 2016

What if We Could 3D Print in One Second?

Today, 3D printers can already make (almost) anything, but what about the "in one second"? I will show a series of research prototypes that speed up 3D printing, e.g., by allowing users to interact with their work piece during fabrication--up to several times per second. How might future version of such machines change our lives? If the transition from 1950's mainframe computers to interactive PCs is any indication, adding interactivity to 3D printing might empower users to not only make anything they want, but also to help them solve problems and think better. But how will we get past the challenges corresponding to what we see in computing today, such as IP and sustainability issues?

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  1. How will 3D printing change in the future, as devices become fast and interactive?
  2. How will future 3D printing systems empower makers and consumers to solve new types of problems and think better?
  3. What challenges will result as side effects of this evolution, such as intellectual property and sustainability issues, and how can we avoid them?

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