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SXSWedu 2016

Will Smartphones Replace Textbooks?

Students today are glued to their screens, but how can they use their smartphones for something that's actually making them smart? When used for group curation, phones can supercharge a curriculum, raise class participation and creativity, and bring current events to a generation who thought they didn't care about the news. When students share articles together, they understand abstract concepts through real-world examples and feel more invested in their own education. These teachers have cracked the code on using Flipboard Magazines to empower their students and turn those ever-present phones into tools for meaningful learning.

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  1. Understanding the role curation can play in education, critical thinking and personal development.
  2. Understanding the key tools for curation in the classroom and how smartphones can be used in education.
  3. Understanding best practices for curation in the classroom, including real teacher success stories.


  • Mia Quagliarello, Head of Curation, Flipboard
  • Steven Hornik, Associate Lecturer, University of Central Florida
  • William Jeffery, Digital Learning Specialist, Fort Bend ISD
  • Brooke Hermanson, 15-16: English II - B World Literature (also, 7 yrs. of English I - Honors), Baltimore Polytechnic Institute


Mia Quagliarello, Head of Curation, Flipboard

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