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SXSW Interactive 2016

Internet Economy: In the US & Abroad

The Internet is the great American export of the 21st century. Whether it be copyright or data localization policies in the EU or impediments to speech in Asia, the Internet faces hurdles overseas from public and private sector actors.

This conversation will discuss the Internet’s open and decentralized model spurring economic growth, creating local opportunities, and encouraging democratic discourse for all users. Its success is rooted in its voluntary and self-governing structure, the result of a multi-stakeholder process free from top-down.

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  1. What can the US goverment do to foster domestic and foreign policies so the Internet can continue to thrive?
  2. What can the Internet do to help itself?
  3. What are the next steps and obstacles the Internet could face in various goverments and countries?



Nika Nour, Dir, Communications & Creative, The Internet Association

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