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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Regulator of Tomorrow

In recent years, the persistence and scale of technology-induced change has led many to doubt the value and practicality of government regulation. Although this discussion continues, regulators and the regulations they create and enforce still play a critical role—but one that may need to evolve to remain relevant and effective. Our panel will examine the challenges that regulators face in our rapidly changing world—from keeping up with technical and business model innovations and the growth in the number of suppliers of goods and services, to dealing with the increasingly digital nature of their constituents and the changing attitudes and behaviors of industries and consumers.

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  1. Given there have always been tension between innovators and regulators, what about today is particularly challenging for regulators?
  2. What opportunities exist for regulators to incentive and foster technological innovation while also keeping citizens safe and informed?
  3. What will the regulator of tomorrow look like?



Rachel Brody, Sr Consultant, Deloitte

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