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No-tech Intro Activities for High-tech Makerspaces

High-tech tools are often synonymous with makerspaces (i.e. 3D printers, CNC machines, and Arduinos). However, in the educational setting it is increasingly difficult to acquire these high-tech tools to support advanced student exploration. This is particularly true in some K-12 settings that do not have the same access to and/or budget to support the purchase and sustainability of such high-tech tools. By reconsidering ways of using easily accessible tools (i.e. Hot glue guns, rotary cutting tools, simple machines) we can provide entry point activities that engage equitable multidisciplinary learning experiences and highlight purposeful connections to more advanced high-tech tools.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. Create low-tech 3D prints and reconsider what it means to "print in 3D" by exploring hot glue guns for drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.
  2. Examine issues of equity and access in the educational makerspace community.
  3. Explore affordances of high-tech makerspace tools and identify charateristics and processes that connect to content learning outcomes.



Shaunna Smith, Asst Professor of Educational Technology, Texas State University

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