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The Sharing Economy: Revenue or Revolution?


For regular folks, the sharing economy promised new ways to earn and connect. For investors, it heralded Dot Com era returns. For industries like hotel & auto it threatened everything. Will the real sharing economy please stand up? Is sharing and collaboration the answer to everything from unemployment, climate change and economic / psychological depression? Will the sector reach projections of $335bn by 2025? What’s the actual impact on jobs, relationships, industry, cities, society and the economy? This panel, representing successful sharing start-ups, think tanks and communities, knows the burning questions, and some of the best answers and methods of sharing now and into the future.

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  1. Is the sharing economy the answer to everything from unemployment, climate change, and depression (financial and psychological)?
  2. How do you set up a successful sharing economy business, what tools, methodologies and support networks are available to empower sharing startups?
  3. What’s the potential impact of the sharing economy on cities, relationships, business and society?



Marie Glad, CEO, Royal Sister

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