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The Ballsy Brit's Guide To Better Brand Trolling

Into brand spam and the trolling it creates? We can teach that. Or we could help brands be more ballsy so their fans don’t go ballistic? How? BALLSY. It's a fun framework that helps you make meaningful work. BALLSY happens when you use data to get to know real people and then take risks to create relevant content, often in real-time.

This half-day hack day is fuelled by Jon’s daily fight to get brands to adopt a content strategy instead of just spamming folk at live events — a movement his real-time marketing book (and an Oreo tweet) may have helped create. It’s part-therapy, part improv comedy. It ends with content cabaret. Good, bad and ugly. Prototypes. Prizes. Party bags. The usual.

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Jon Burkhart, Founder, TBC London

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