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Science & Hip Hop - Creativity to Curiosity

Come for the live science raps, stay for the exploration of the Next Generation Science Standards. Tom makes a science YouTube show that brings diverse STEM role models into K-12 classrooms. In each episode, scientists model NGSS performance expectations & discuss their research. Episodes end with a music video prompting students to write their own verse on content, lab experiences, or science metaphor. The show helps science teachers to connect their classroom inquiries to the cutting edge research being done by young, diverse scientists and engineers and to use hip hop to engage the subset of kids for whom musical creation is a key hook into core content. Tom leads you in writing a verse!

Learning Objectives

  1. Connect science students to a diverse set of young charismatic scientists & engineer role models.
  2. Integrate NGSS science and engineering practices and performance expectations into cutting edge research questions being explored by scientists.
  3. Write your own "Verse Two" to a "Science With Tom" music video and experience how to utilize hip hop ed in your classroom.



Tom McFadden, Middle School Science Teacher, Science With Tom & The Nueva School

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