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SXSW Interactive 2016

5 Best Startup Ideas in VR / AR

From the vision of Tron to Palmer Luckey and Occulus Rift, and beyond: what are the top trends, and who are the top startups, providers, manufacturers and mavericks to watch and partner with right now in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? With 25 million headsets up by 2018, combining high-capacity networks with ultra-high resolution cameras, microphones and full-wall displays, this means amazing content to come. Artists and developers of all sorts will flock to this new form and begin to create a vast array of incredibly moving content. And will VR stay inside the context of gaming and entertainment, or move beyond into areas like education, telepresence, and AR as enterprise cases.

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  1. What will the role of full field communications networks be in VR and AR, with wireless mobile cameras in robots and drones?
  2. Debating the merits of virtual reality versus augmented reality: what is possible and which directions, both known and unknown, will these take?
  3. What role will your smart phone play in the short-term and long-term development and deployment of VR and AR?



Kevin O'Malley, Pres, TechTalk/Studio

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