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They’re Coming for OUR Internet: We can fight back


“They’re” coming for our Internet--binding consumers based on calculated business models and ploys for control. Take Facebook’s, offering the developing world free access to Facebook, but not the greater web. Tech giants should collaborate to expand the Internet’s reach, not divide it. They aren’t the only offenders, efforts by the NSA, FBI and DHS to limit encryption are making it easier to access your private information without consent--restricting your freedom of speech.

This presentation will cover Internet censorship and security issues at a global scale, and how we can fight back so a free and open Internet doesn’t end up a memory. If we don’t protect it, who will?

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  1. How is the Internet being censored today?
  2. What are my rights as an online user, and how can I better preserve them?
  3. How does Internet censorship vary globally?



Matthew Prince, CEO/Co-Founder, CloudFlare

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