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SXSW Interactive 2013

Members-only: MoMA Membership Goes Digital

As the web is an integral part of the museum experience, membership benefits should increasingly reflect this. MoMA will offer a new type of membership: the digital membership. Our task is to create an exclusive experience for members online. In addition to allowing members to manage their memberships online, the most exciting benefits include continually updated virtual gallery walk-through, online previews to exhibitions, and member gallery talk videos.
The challenges we are facing are creating this new fountain of content as well as building a new site that houses it all. Is this going to be enough to create a new "global" audience? How do we balance the museum mission to provide content free to everyone with the need to maintain a healthy base of supporters?

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  1. How do we promote these new benefits and use them to grow membership?
  2. How do you decide what goes behind the members wall and what not?
  3. How do we get people to come back to the "lounge"?
  4. How are we able to create all this new content without breaking the bank or ourselves?
  5. How do we convince members that's worth registering? (this is harder than one would think)



Chiara Bernasconi, Digital Media Project Manager, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

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