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SXSW Interactive 2016

How to Lead a Local Economy Revolution

In The Local Economy Revolution, economic revitalization specialist Della Rucker unpacks the deep changes underlying why so many cities struggle. Drawing on both professional expertise and personal stories that reach deeply into our experience, The Local Economy Revolution shines a new light on the impacts of the last few decades on the places where people live and work, and sketches a new way forward that builds on the reasons why places matter to us.

The Local Economy Revolution takes you on an accessible tour of three Undercurrents driving changes in local economies, four Implications that derive from those Undercurrents, and three Secret Weapons. Join us for an eye opening exchange!

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  1. Why do so many cities seem to have a hard time getting better, economically and socially?
  2. What are we misunderstanding or doing wrong in terms of how cities work and grow?
  3. What can I do to help make the city I care about a better place to live, work and have a business?



Della Rucker, Principal, Wise Economy Workshop/EngagingCities

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