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Innovation Unleashed


Innovation unleashed will explore how Fortune 500 organizations evaluate, prototype and integrate emerging technology into their existing infrastructures at scale.

Innovation practices are being formed in a number of established organizations creating business results and enabling new opportunities to connect with consumers along a non-linear path to purchase.

This session will answer the question how to manage the ever changing landscape of emerging technologies as well as insight into the methodologies used to take an idea into a tangible prototype.

Finally, the discussion will identify the key inflection points when innovation becomes a fully integrated solution.

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  1. What is the process to evaluate and select emerging technology to test and prototype.
  2. What is the threshold to transition from emerging tech to business driving solutions.
  3. How do you manage the complex lumiscape of technology providers to find the ideal fit.


  • Jeff Donaldson, SVP, GameStop Technology Institute, GameStop
  • Tom Edwards, Chief Digital Officer, Epsilon


Tom Edwards, Chief Digital Officer, Epsilon

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