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Internationalization of Cultural Movements


How does the internationalization and expansion of bottom-up grassroots, cultural movements like Burning Man's, Maker Faire’s, and Couchsurfing’s occur while maintaining foundational cultural identities?

How did the missions and purpose of these organizations play a part in their becoming global networks, and to what extent did it happen organically? What are their unique challenges of expansion, and how are they responding to the needs of their communities?

This panel will explore the diverse learnings, tools and future opportunities of global impact networks.

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  1. How did Burning Man, Maker Faire and Couchsurfing become movements and to what degree do they self-regulate?
  2. How does the internationalization of bottom-up grassroots cultural movements occur while maintaining foundational values and cultural identities?
  3. What challenges and future opportunities are there for global impact networks and what tools can they use to address them?


  • Meghan Rutigliano, Regional Network Associate Director, Burning Man
  • Sabrina Mertlot, Program Director for Maker Faire , Maker Faire
  • Casey Fenton , Co-Founder, Founding Chairman of the Board, Couchsurfing


Jenn Sander, Global Initiatives & Innovation, Burning Man

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  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
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