SXSW Interactive 2016

The Impact of The New Visual Music Business


Pop music for over 50 years has been a very multi-media visual art form fro Elvis, to The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, to Daft Punk’s face shielding helmets.
This panel would discuss the role that all the visual medium that now plays a role on breaking artists and building or growing a career.
It’s better to do a series like The Foo Fighters Sonic Highways than have a hit record.
What is the role of the new platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest , You Tube, The OTT Netfix, Hulu + Amazon - Spotify’s entry into Video
This will be a discussion using examples of the various roles that the visual platforms now play in developing music artists, what has worked – visual music streaming

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  1. How important does the role of imagery and video now plays in the multimedia music space.
  2. What platforms are working. Is it best to have a multi-platform strategy?
  3. Where is the new verticals in revenue that can drive the success of music and multimedia?



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