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SXSW Interactive 2016

Every City is an Internet City

When people think about the intersection of small business and Internet innovation, images of techies tinkering away in garages might be the first thing that comes to mind. But contrary to what many may assume, the benefits of advancing technology and Internet-based interconnectivity are not limited to places like Silicon Valley. Companies in unexpected congressional districts harness the immense power of the Internet to grow, improve their operations and better serve their customers at home and around the world.

And when small businesses grow, big things happen. Each year, small businesses create 2/3 of new jobs in the US and are responsible for half of all goods and services sold.

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  1. Internet policy is critical to our future, but innovation is changing its scope at a rapid pace. How do you think elected officials should approach it
  2. What challenges do startups & Internet-enabled businesses face when they start out in rural areas of the US versus a metropolitan city?
  3. What is/should be the gov's involvement about the global Internet economy? What is congress doing to encourage constituents in the Internet industry?



Nika Nour, Dir, Communications & Creative, The Internet Association

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