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SXSW Interactive 2013

Designing for Sales

A well-designed, great looking website can deliver your message and help define the characteristics of your brand, but good design on its own doesn't always translate into more users. When designing a site, marketing and sales also have seats at the table, and they each bring with them opinions and data about what will increase engagement and conversion. How can a clean home page with simple, singular options increase conversion? What is the best way to structure your Plans and Pricing page? How can you use infographics to tell your story in a simple way that encourages users to act?

With lots of examples and real-life conversion data, this panel will explore how balancing great design with an eye toward what will actually sell can drive higher conversions, more users, and increased revenue for your site.

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  1. How do you balance company and product information on your home page versus a clean, simple design to drive more conversions?
  2. By the time users make it to your Plans and Pricing page, they should have a basic understanding of your offering. What are some best practice examples of Plans & Pricing pages that convert?
  3. How can data and infographics be used to tell simple stories that encourage users to act?
  4. Are you ever done iterating? How do you avoid analysis paralysis and start implementing and testing quickly and continually?
  5. Everyone has an opinion and sales, marketing, and design all want to make sure their ideas are incorporated into the final product. What are some tips for avoiding design by committee?



Dean Cruse, Marketing Director, Union Metrics

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  • Tags: design, sales
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Design and Development
  • Level: Intermediate
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