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Tech's Most Disruptive "GEOs"

When you think CEO – what image comes to mind? A buttoned-up exec with gray hair and polished shoes? Perhaps, but today a new wave of CEOs is emerging in tech meccas all over the world – meet the GEO (gay executive officer). Known for all the wrong reasons, GEOs are fighting back, breaking the mold and putting a stake in the ground in the tech community. This panel will focus on some strong, brilliant people who fought for their ideas, regardless of their sexual preference. Leading gay executives will share their stories, from failures and successes to tips on how to stay true to who you are, while getting business done. We’ll also discuss trends emerging in the startup space among gay CEOs along with insight into how companies across the country – and globe – are running differently today thanks to the community support.

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  1. What are stereotypes gay executives have had to overcome in the workplace?
  2. What are distinguishable qualities you’ve seen between yourself and a straight C-level executive? What qualities do gay executives bring to the table that makes their management style unique?
  3. How has the landscape changed for gay people in business? Tech and otherwise?
  4. Does being gay in the workplace even matter anymore? Have there been any key events that have helped increase support and acceptance?
  5. How has networking with gay communities and support organizations impacted relationships and brand building?



Meredith Klee, Associate, Inner Circle Labs

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