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Spanglish in a Bicultural USA


Every 30 seconds a Latino turns 18 in the U.S. While staggering as a statistic and wildly provoking for analysts, experts and members of the media alike, the cultural and social implications of this rapid growth in the nation’s largest minority begs the question: what will the new America look and sound like in the future? Through “Spanglish in Bicultural USA” we’ll explore the subject of shifting U.S. Hispanic identity through the lens of language usage, acceptance and retro-acculturation. We'll also entertain the question: is Hispanic cultural identity in the U.S. as “clear as mud?”

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  1. Does still matter to the nation’s youngest, fastest-growing minority?
  2. Are the terms bilingual and bicultural becoming increasingly intertwined?
  3. Is Spanglish the language of the future?



Juan Alanis, Influencer, Juan of Words

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