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SXSW Interactive 2016

Tech and Social Good: A New Model for Collaboratio

The relationship between tech companies and social good orgs can feel a little sleazy sometimes. Corporate engagement with social problems has often meant just throwing money at them, and many social good orgs have become overly dependent on corporate dollars to do their work. This panel presents a better way—an innovative partnership model, leveraging the best tech companies have to offer to make deep, lasting change for communities in need. Featured in WIRED, Connect 4 Life is a unique collaboration of industry, advocacy, and social service orgs improving the lives of homeless LGBT youth with mobile tech. Let the leaders who designed this groundbreaking program show you how it's done.

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  1. How can we redesign private-social good sector partnerships for greater efficiency and effectiveness?
  2. How can tech companies maximize the return on their social good investments?
  3. How can social good organizations involve the tech industry more intimately in their work to improve their communities?



Allyson Robinson, VP, Knowledge & Impact, LGBT Technology Partnership

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