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SXSW Interactive 2016

Ed Saxon: The Power of Story in a Digital Age

Academy Award-winning producer Edward Saxon (The Silence of the Lambs) is a master storyteller and active industry/business consultant who specializes in “storifying” messages to emotively connect with people. Drawing from his extensive film and television background, Ed will describe how people forge emotional connections through stories and highlight the constructs, power and importance of storytelling in a digital age. He'll explain why, in a multi-screen era, our ability to use stories to engender emotion is a critical success driver for individuals, brands, and technologies. He’ll also explore the impacts AR/VR/Mixed and immersive environments will have on our storytelling future.

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  1. Why is storytelling central to human communication and emotional bonding, and how do screen stories engender emotional connections?
  2. Why do modern professionals – especially digital professionals — need to develop good storytelling skills to drive success, and what are the most freq
  3. What new challenges are posed by AR, VR, Mixed & immersive reality for storytellers? How will the impact future storytelling?



Leigh Durst, CXO, Live Path

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