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SXSW Music 2013

Why Artist Development Matters: Then and Now

Artist Development is a second thought at the major labels as they rely more and more on hit singles at Radio and on iTunes. But to have a long term successful career, you need artist development to grow your fan base. This panel will talk about all the key elements in artist development.

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  1. Do old school artist development techniques like street teams, tour marketing, college radio, in store performances, local press, fanzine ads still exist and how does a new or emerging artist go about those functions?
  2. What are the new forms of artist development? Topics include: Building email list vs. Facebook likes and Twitter followers; Stage-It type platforms where artist can play to the masses from home; small niche festival gigs looking for local acts; giving away music and what to ask for in return; focus on acquiring true fans on social media channels vs. getting social media numbers up to build a hype; online radio stations opening their playlists to emerging artists.
  3. Are Facebook ads the new fanzine ads?
  4. What role do labels and managers play in developing an artist?
  5. What platforms exist to help an indie artist?



Victoria Camera, VP, Music Industry Relations, ReverbNation

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