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Should Brands Ditch Their Ad Agencies


Monogamous Agency of Record relationships are becoming a rarity. Multiple agencies, rather than collaborating effectively to solve the complex problems brands today face, are often engaged in turf wars and protectionism instead of idea sharing and innovation. Brands are being forced to do more than just communications - they're being forced to reconsider product experiences, service design, the digital/mobile/social web, even their value chain and customers. Who are the right partners for these efforts? And how do brands find them and collaborate effectively with them to ensure success in an economic and technological moment that has customers expecting more?

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  1. Is the Agency of Record relationship obsolete, and what will replace it?
  2. What are the right relationships for innovation and agility?
  3. How do you know if your agency or agencies are providing the most useful perspectives and skills?
  4. How do you explore the world of agency/partner options in smart, strategic ways?
  5. How do brands as clients have to change to take advantage of these new, less monogamous agency relationships?



Farrah Bostic, Founder, The Difference Engine

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