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SXSW Interactive 2016

Don’t Tweet That! Managing Your Digital Footprint

With each tweet, like, and live stream, we are revealing information about our interests, location, and activities. This is how the world communicates. But are we putting ourselves at risk for identity theft (and more) with every post, share, and like? This engaging session will provide an in-depth analysis of our social media habits and what we share with an audience much larger than our “friends.” After all, 82 percent of the world’s population is online. This session will explore the data we share, security risks, and what consumers can do to help protect and control their digital identities.

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  1. What constitutes as “oversharing” on different platforms? How do we mindfully edit our digital footprints?
  2. How do criminals steal information from, and abuse, our social media posts?
  3. What are the latest best practices to keep personal information safe on social?


  • Bryan Hjelm, VP of Product and Marketing, CSID
  • Chris Crosby, Managing Director of Inflection Point Global; Founder and CEO of xaqt, Inflection Point Global


Cassie Morien, Account Exec , INK PR

Meta Information:

  • Tags: social media, privacy
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Government and Policy
  • Level: Intermediate
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