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SXSW Interactive 2016

Share to Scale: The Enterprise Community Movement

Traditionally, enterprise technologists learn from industry experts at conferences or other one day interest group events. These “light touch” events have shed light on a deeper need enterprise technologists have - meaningful connections where they collaborate so that they can all scale their efforts. Inspired by Paypal’s NodeDay event with Intuit, the EnterpriseJS, community was created – a movement that goes beyond one day events where technologists meet, share and teach each other so that each could accelerate their individual enterprise efforts. This panel will share lessons they’ve learned in creating an enterprise community and their journey along the way.

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  1. What are the goals for the enterprise community, EnterpriseJS? (Why did you create a community)
  2. Why would enterprise companies like ours invest in this? What are our motivations and what do we think we can gain/give back?
  3. How is this different than participating in the existing front end/node js open source communities?


  • Aliza Carpio, Technology Evangelist, Intuit
  • Bojan Beran, Web UI Architect, Intuit Inc
  • Jon Loyens, VP of Engineering for Traveler Products at HomeAway, HomeAway
  • Trevor Livingston, Software Development Manager, Paypal


Aliza Carpio, Technology Evangelist, Intuit

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