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How Shared Experiences Enable Global Understanding

Technology is changing the world and enabling people from anywhere to connect and share experiences that create wonder and inspire. Skype’s social good initiative, Skype in the classroom (SITC), is an example of how technology that connects can enable world change - connecting over 30,000 educators from more than 190 countries with other students and guest speakers from around the world for shared learning experiences. One of the first organizations that began using this platform to connect with teachers and students was Peace One Day, a global non-profit dedicated to reducing violence and conflict. In this session Andrew Schmidt, Skype Head of Social Good and Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day Founder will discuss how their organizations partnered to increase awareness about the need for global tolerance and understanding among young people. They will discuss the technological and logistical challenges they've faced and challenge the audience to think of new ways to bridge the divide.

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Dara Cothran, Account Director, Kaplow PR

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