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Forget Harvard. Culinary Arts Will Lead the Future

21st century challenges are mounting, from feeding the world’s billions, equalizing education and opportunities, tackling health issues, to producing and supplying enough safe and nutritious food in a sustainable way. Future leaders will need the ability to see every issue from multiple perspectives to create viable solutions. Considering that many of these challenges are rooted in food, the food system, and how we eat, it only makes sense that those closest to these subjects would be on the front line of change. Instead of looking to Ivy League (or liberal arts grads), we should tap the greatest creative minds from culinary schools where 21st century-shaping education is taking place.

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  1. From sustainability, to health crises, to equalizing opportunity and education, are culinary school graduates the best prepared to solve these issues?
  2. How will practical, hands-on training in culinary arts improve the outcomes versus theory?
  3. What are some examples of the cross-section of food educators, chefs and restaurateurs that show how cooking is making a difference in communities?



Lauren Hood, Account Dir, GSD&M

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