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How I Implemented Digital Learning at Scale

Many school districts have uneven transitions to ed tech, leaving administrators and community members looking for answers to the question: “what defines success and how will a district know it’s attaining success when moving from a status quo, paper-driven organization to a more progressive and engaging digital school system?”

Technology has the potential to redefine K-12 education and provide an unprecedented opportunity to improve outcomes. While technology will continue to advance in education, many districts still struggle with how to implement and use technology to re-engineer the learning experience. The stakes are high and moving the achievement needle for students is critical.

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Learning Objectives

  1. To debate whether it is necessary to provide teachers with structured and unstructured digital content.
  2. How to create a digital learning environment that is accessible anytime and anywhere.
  3. How to fund teacher training to support new digital instructional practices.



Brian Belardi, Dir, Communications, McGraw-Hill Education

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