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SXSW Interactive 2016

Truth and Consequences: Crisis Response with Data

In this session, SecDev will show how they use data to deliver visually-striking and operationally-critical social media and open source analysis to respond to complex crises in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Attendees will learn how SecDev rapidly creates highly customized dashboards to confront the ever-changing demands of conflict around the world, empowering clients to observe, orient, decide and act. From data wrangling and tagging to visualization, delivery and adjustment, come prepared to learn how data is key to finding ground truth on the fly.

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  1. How is data helping in the fight against ISIS?
  2. How can crisis management teams use social media data to better respond to crises?
  3. How can you quickly preform real-time data analysis to respond to developing conflicts?


  • Micah Clark, Mission Manager, SecDev


Kathryn Holtz, Customer Mktg Asst, Tableau

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