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Community Colleges: Leading through innovation


Community colleges play a critical role in preparing a large number of students for success in the workforce. However, they also face low graduation and retention rates, and nearly 50% of 2-year students enter remediation.

Many community colleges have turned to adaptive learning to help improve results. Austin Community College's ACCelerator, a 600-seat facility built on the former site of Austin's Highland Mall, has garnered much attention for its ALEKS-powered approach to improving student outcomes.

This session offers an in-depth look at how the ACCelerator and programs like it are helping community colleges fulfill their mission of helping all students achieve success.

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  1. The important role of U.S. community colleges and the specific challenges they face, particularly in remediation.
  2. How adaptive learning accelerate students’ time in remediation, specifically in the emporium model.
  3. How Austin Community College's ACCelerator math lab has changed the learning experience for students, instructors and administrators.



Brian Belardi, Dir, Communications, McGraw-Hill Education

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