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SXSW Interactive 2016

Mission (not) Impossible: Digital Behavior Change

Personal data tracking is the hot thing in digital health, despite research showing that knowledge does not lead to sustained behavior change. Most apps target healthy people rather than users needing behavior modification. How can digital health truly help users implement meaningful change? Interventions that include social reinforcement through peers, family or a health team, individualized care plans, and building self-efficacy are proven to show results. This session will present three models for how to leverage digital health interventions to meaningfully connect users with health care experts through health coaching, care team integration, and earlier risk identification.

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  1. What should we apply from existing research on health behavior change to digital health?
  2. How can digital health innovation be leveraged to support sustained behavior change?
  3. Who is doing this right? or How do you judge success?



Carolyn Jasik, VP Medical Outcomes & Assoc Professor, Mango Health

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