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SXSW Interactive 2016

Embracing Diversity in Eight Steps or Less

Most of the "diversity in tech" discussion has focused on awareness, highlighting the problem and how it manifests itself. Less focus has been placed on solutions, and those that have been described have often been oriented on the actions of tech giants. Things are no less problematic at small & medium-sized organizations, but different structures and budgets require a different approach.

An ongoing initiative at Substantial can potentially be the basis of a framework for how to tackle these issues within your own group. Regardless of size, there's work to be done, for ourselves and the tech community at large. It's time to move past awareness and into action.

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  1. How can I start to tackle diversity/inclusion issues within my own organization?
  2. I'm not necessarily in a position of power. Does that mean I can't do anything? (Spoiler alert: no)
  3. How can I remove or work around potential resistance I may encounter?



Donte Parks, VP, Culture, Substantial

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