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The Effect of Big Data on Human Behavior

Our digital footprint impacts every aspect of our lives. From our insurance premiums, to how we get around, to the advertisements we see, the rapid growth of IT has impacted everyday life more than any development since the industrial revolution. However, while there is a wide consensus that these developments are beneficial, we know relatively little about how the explosion of data, a more connected and quantified world, is changing human behavior. Has the erosion of privacy made humans more withdrawn? Will robotic cars and other improvements to public safety make humans more reckless, or more cautious? This session will explore the ways that data is impacting human behavior.

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  1. Data breaches and hacks are the new normal. But how does a sense of privacy (or lack thereof) change how humans behave and share information?
  2. How will the understanding of a quantified society will enable us to improve our lives?
  3. Are we fulfilling the promises made by big data?



Lauren Ianuzi, Mgr, Moxie Group Communications

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