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Finding the Perfect Mate - Partnerships

Finding a partner to integrate with is kind of like dating. Join a 30-minute panel discussion about how to evaluate potential integration partners to find the right match. Learn what to look for, like shared goals, customer base attractiveness, and whether they complete you by offering a feature you don’t have. The panel will be followed by a 30 minute “speed dating” meet up, where you can get to know potential partners with your compatibility checklist in hand. Attendees will also receive a free pass to The Small Business Web’s cocktail party, where there will be plenty more potential partners.

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  1. How can partnerships help my business?
  2. What are the different types of partnerships?
  3. What questions should I be asking to assess if a partnership is ideal for my company?
  4. How do I prioritize what partnerships I should be developing?
  5. What to expect from partner?



Raymond Bonachea, VP of Marketing, Batchbook

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